How To Conquer Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing is like a spider web

Internet Marketing Can Be Done Well.

Think of yourself, the Internet Marketer, as a Spider and the Internet as “YOUR WEB”. The bigger you spin your Internet Marketing web the more leads you catch.

Each ad, article, or post you send out builds up your spiderweb.

Social Media

Each post you make on social media is another part of your web, designed to build relationships and your credibility, not to sell. SPAM will tear down your fragile web faster than you can repair it!


If you have a blog, put a banner or write a review of products and systems you recommend, etc. Please only post useful things that you truly use or believe in. With a blog, it is most important to provide valuable, informative posts on a regular basis.

Classified Ads

Post Classified Ads too. Just Google “free classified online ads”. Track your results. For some help with tracking read my post about tracking. Once you get good at writing ads you can try some paid ads.


Safelists take awhile to get under control but once you have mastered the technique with a few you can branch out. You don’t have to, and you should not click on every single email you get. This is not productive. The 10K challenge is a great system that trains you on how to use safelists effectively. For more information about the 10K Challenge click here. You can also read my Generate Traffic For Free With Safelists post for more ideas.

Paid Ads

Use some paid advertising if you can afford it. Learn about it first and start with small amounts of money. The goal is to leverage your money not waste it.

Persistence is the key

Persistence is essential to success. When you find yourself frustrated call a friend to talk, take a walk, have a special treat, etc. This will clear your mind. Then stop feeling sorry for yourself and get back to work. Internet Marketing is NOT a get rich quick scam, but if you apply yourself you will see great rewards.

Let’s do this together!

~ Karen Karo ~


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