So you want to work from home…

Work from home in your kitchen with a cup of coffee

Work From Home… Is It For You?


The Good Stuff…

Ah no commute, no day care, breaks whenever I want, no expensive lunches shoveled in my mouth at my desk, no one breathing down my back making sure I’m not goofing off. I want to work from home.

Flip Side…

I’ll start work later…
Where did the day go?
OMG I got nothing done today!


Be honest with yourself. Do you have the focus and determination to keep yourself on track while you work from home? If not that is ok. It doesn’t mean you can’t start your own home business. It just means you need to learn some new skills or not work from home.

It is not always easy to work from home, but the rewards can be amazing. There are many posts on this topic.

If you are choosing to work on the internet there are many programs out there…

You have heard the mud slingers. They bash all the other techniques of making money online as SCAMS.

The truth is most of them work if you stick with them. Even the ones that promise push button money may have some value. They may take a little longer, and be short lived, but you can probably make some money off of them if you use them correctly.

The trick is figuring out what you want to do and then finding a program that fits you. You could also develop your own. A ready made program will save you a ton of time and you will learn a lot. Later you can develop your own program just the way you want. It will be easier if you have some kind of a knowledge foundation first. A steady income from a reliable program will also carry you through the hard times while you work on your own system.

Finding your dream…

It may sound silly but it does help.

•    Write down what your ideal work from home business would be.
•    Write down what your ideal work from home business would do for you.
•    Write down what your ideal work from home business would do for your family.
•    Write down what your ideal work from home business would allow you to do.
•    Write down what your ideal work from home business would allow you to buy.
•    Cut out pictures of things you would get if you had the money.
•    Etc. etc. etc.

Take your time. Don’t leave anything out.

What are you passionate about? Health? Animals? Business? Beauty? Fashion? Cars?

If you are passionate about something, chances are you already know a lot about the topic.

Guess What??? ——- You Are In Business!!!

Start A Blog…

   •    What would you type into Google if you were searching for information on your topic?
•    Put all or some of it in your blog name and buy a domain name with it too.

The above steps will help get your blog to show up in Google searches. You can do research on the best keywords to use, but in the end if you deliver quality information you can get to #1 with any keyword. Just stay true to yourself, be persistent, honest, and informative. Your aim here is not to make money but to provide a valuable service. The money will come later. This is your foundation to become know as an expert.

Make blog posts daily at first to build up a base of at least 50. Then you can back down to 1 or 2 a week. The point is to be consistent.

Picking A Program…

While you are blogging start looking around for a program that fits your personality. You may not like every little thing about the program. As long as you don’t have any major personal conflicts with what you have to do you can give it a try.

The price is not important if you have money to invest. If you do not have a lot of money to invest there are many free and inexpensive programs out there. Just because a program charges a lot of money, there is no guarantee it is better. The program does not have to be in your chosen field. In fact it will most likely be in the Internet Marketing field. That is ok. The point of the program is to learn how you can apply the knowledge you gain to your passion. Ultimately making money with your passion will be more successful and make you happier.

Pick ONE program and stick with it exclusively for at least 3 months. At that point you can evaluate it. If you have not made any money and don’t feel close to making money you should drop it and try another. If you are making money or know you will soon, stay with it. If you feel you have the time to give your all to the program, keep up with your blogging, and start a 2nd program go ahead. If you only have enough time to give the program your all and keep up with your blogging, focus on that only. DO NOT SPREAD YOURSELF TOO THIN! Continue and reevaluate on a monthly basis. If you are short on time and money the 10K Challenge was designed with you in mind.

3 month, 6 months How Long Will It Take?

Building any business takes time. The beauty of an online business is that you can start to work from home in your spare time. You can continue working at your job until you replace that income with your business. If you are a stay at home Parent, this is a way for you to bring more money into your family’s budget and ultimately let your spouse quit their job. Mothers can work from home with a babyYou are the boss. If you only have 1 hour a day to work on it, but are consistent, YOU WILL GET THERE.

Still want to Work From Home?

The alternative is a JOB, which = Just Over Broke!

Which Will You Chose?

To Your Success!

~ Karen Karo ~


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