WAHM – Keeping it real with Internet Marketing – Part 1

Being a WAHM (Work at Home Mom) puts a different spin on Internet Marketing.


As a WAHM you have so much more to coordinate.WAHM

•    Making sure the baby stays on a schedule.
•    Getting the older kids to school
•    Making & keeping doctor appointments
•    School meetings
•    Nutritious meals
•    House cleaning
•    Rest time for you (very important)
•    Recycling & garbage out on time
•    Grocery shopping
•    Picking up the kids
•    Taking kids to after school activities
•    Keeping kids busy while you work

The list goes on and on…

This is just the routine Mommy stuff! Now, where and how do you fit in your Internet Marketing business?

Well I could tell you to plan your Internet Marketing work around your home life, but…

You don’t know what you need to make room for yet.

Getting Started

First you must decide what type of Internet Marketing you want to do. What type of products do you want to sell? What Niche (area) do you want to focus on?

Pick an area you are passionate about. If you are passionate about it, chances are you already know a lot about the niche and can easily market your knowledge. You will also have knowledge about your target market which will save some precious time. If you don’t know that much about your passion, you will enjoy finding out more.

Take some time now to research the different types of internet marketing, niches, and make some notes about your target market.

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You are now officially on your way to becoming a WAHM Internet Marketer!

~ Karen Karo ~

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