Who Is Santiago Swallow

Who Is Santiago Swallow
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Santiago Swallow – Real or Fake?

The Buzz About Santiago Swallow

Recently there has been much discussion about Santiago Swallow. He is no doubt a fake persona, however, we need to acknowledge that he was created by a real person, or was he? After reading two articles about the matter I noticed something odd…

Will The Real Santiago Swallow Please Stand Up

The two articles had pictures of the authors. One is named Kevin Ashton and the other is named Ross McGuinness. One is smiling and one is frowning. Each photo was taken at a different angle. One is larger and closer while the other is smaller and further away. One is dressed up while the other is dressed more casual. If you look close there is a similarity. One claims to be the creator of the persona, while the other is portrayed as a writer about the topic with up to date information. If you look at the photo of the persona you can see a possibility that he is a photoshop version of one or both of the authors. The first link “the writer” is Meet Santiago Swallow… the biggest social media star you’ve never heard of and the second link “the creator” is How to become Internet Famous for $68  I may be totally wrong. What do you think? Take a look at each article and leave your comments below.


While Santiago Swallow, alias Kevin Ashton, may not be the expert he claims to be, he is an expert at manipulating the internet! He may be on the level and trying to inform the public, or it may all be a ploy for notoriety. How many “Guru’s” are there out there using these skills to scam us?

Proceed With Caution…

My advise to you is to proceed with Caution when evaluating offers. When you Google the person or business consider the source. Many of the reviews are done by the person themselves. Check out their claims. If they claim to have been on TV, was it a paid infomercial or a legitimate interview? If they say they were on CNN, go to CNN and search their site. If the claim is true you should find a
reference. If you don’t, well I’ll let you come to your own conclusions…

Some Of My Methods

All my posts are made by me, myself, and I. I don’t check copy scape because I don’t spin articles. I make no claims of being an “Internet Guru”. I have been doing Internet Marketing for 2 years
now and I have learned so much along the way. I have paid for some FB likes in order to unlock some basic advertising abilities that FB has limited access to. The magic number seems to be 100 likes for the first level. Without advertising it takes a long time to reach that amount of likes on a new page. Many of these bought likes disappear quickly, so in the end your likes are real after all. If you continue to by likes or peeps on a regular basis you can run into trouble. I can’t imagine buying peeps since getting a following on Twitter is very easy with a minimum of effort. I buy the smallest package needed to meet the quota. Once I can advertise, I grow my following naturally at a steady rate. Even these small purchases don’t sit well with me and I continue to learn so I may no longer feel the need to do this. When I find a better way I will let you know right away. 🙂

~ Karen Karo ~

P.S. I hope this post helps you become a more savvy consumer online. If you have found this post helpful please let me know in the comments below.


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