Viral Ad Store Review

My Viral Ad Store Review


Are You Tired Of So Much Clicking For Credits?

Viral Ad Store lets you send emails without any credits at all levels! I don’t know about you, but I HATE CLICKING FOR CREDITS. Sure a little bit is ok, but I don’t want to get cramps in my hands. I like to look around as much as the next internet marketer. I like to see what’s new. However, spending hour upon hour gathering credits is totally crazy! By then I am too tired to actually send out my ads.

This Safelist fits anyone’s budget…

* As a FREE member you can send to 500 people every 7 days without
any clicking for credits!
* You can add to that with clicking if you want, but you only get
5-10 credits per email view.
* You also get 20% commissions.

* As a Silver member you can send to 1500 people every 5
days without any clicking for credits!
* You get 10-15 credits per email view.
* You get 40% commission.
* Cost $29 per month.

* As a Gold member you can send to 3000 people every 3
days without any clicking for credits!
* You get 15-20 credits per email view.
* You get 50% commission.
* Cost $47 per month.

My advice is sign up for the FREE option to start. You can’t go wrong.

Once you see how powerful this safelist is, you will naturally upgrade. Then you will truly unleash the most benefits from it.

I had been using Viral Ad Store as a free member. My Viral Ad Store stats were even better than other lists, that allowed me to send more mail, more often.

I usually used 0-50 extra credits, so don’t think
it is because I spent time clicking for credits.

As an upgraded member my benefits are multiplied, so the
monthly fee gets taken care of. 🙂


This safelist sells itself. So go ahead…

Click Here to Start Today

~ Karen Karo ~

P.S. Remember At The Free Level This Is Totally FREE Traffic!

P.P.S. Now that you know what the rates are inside… YOU MIGHT WANT TO GRAB A OTO IF YOU SEE IT!



  1. Tame Bear

    Karen, any idea why they call it “Viral” Ad Store? What makes it viral? (Or are they just using the name to try and attract more attention?) I’ll check it out.

    1. Post
      Karen Karo

      I would think the Viral aspect is do to the fact that you can advertise even if you have no credits. Also as an upgraded member you can set and forget ads that go to your downline. 🙂 Hope that answers your question. Sorry I took so long to answer.

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