Internet Freedom – A Thing Of The Past?

Internet Freedom

Is The Internet Out Of Control?

In Turkey

Turkey’s  Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan recently blocked Twitter’s entire site in their country. While the two-week ban on Twitter was lifted, last month, You Tube has remained blocked.

Last Friday, in Las Vegas, a group of Turkish prosecutors and judges discussed matters of Internet freedom. They were here, on tour, as part of the Open World Program, created by Congress. Below are some excerpts from the Las Vegas Review – Journal:

“Turkey technologically cannot prevent access to a particular page on YouTube or Twitter, so they decided to ban access to the entire site,” Bulent Agkoc, a family court judge in Istanbul, told the Review-Journal through a translator.
Explaining why the sites were blocked, Agkoc continued: “Some say for political reasons, some say for a right to privacy.”
News reports have said that Erdogan vowed to “eradicate” Twitter after recordings that incriminated him in corruption appeared on the social media site.
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In the US

Is Our Internet Freedom Being Challenged? – Or Has The Internet Itself Finally Become a Commodity?

Internet Freedom

Internet Freedom is being threatened in the US by lobbyists trying to put an end to Net Neutrality.

Is the bottom line a money or a control issue? Is this just another step to keep the “masses” under control, disguised by a veil of bogus concerns for our privacy and safety? Or is it just business as usual?


The FCC is considering revising the rules to allow ISP’s to “give preferential treatment to traffic from some content providers, as long as such arrangements are available on ‘commercially reasonable’ terms.” ~ Jouurnalist Gautham Nagesh via The Young Turks YouTube video below…

You Will Be Able To View The Video By Clicking On It.

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Internet FreedomThis opens the door for massive amounts of money to be made by the major ISP players. Will the large sites need to cough up large amounts of money to ensure the functional existence of their sites? Will the “very small time” sites be able to ride it out under the radar? Will the average site owner may be unable to compete with the “Big Boys”?
The Internet can be used for good or evil, however, can allowing large companies to regulate themselves solve anything? The profit margin may govern their decisions and not be subject to checks and balances.

Does the FCC realizes they may not have the capability to control the internet to the degree it would take to ensure “security of our homeland”? Is there always at least one hacker that is at least a few steps ahead?

The more you try to secure the internet, the more of a “challenge” you may present. Many hackers don’t do things for good or evil, but rather to see if it can be done, to “outdo” each other. Just like in the game of chess, you are always looking for ways to outwit your opponent.
Let us take a look at the definition of opponent:

Someone who competes against or fights another in a contest, game, or argument.

If you look at the person who finds it challenging, you would consider him/her a rival, an adversary, or a fellow competitor. For example:

“he beat his opponent by a landslide margin”

If you look at the person who finds this a threat to his/her freedom, you would consider them an opposer, objector, dissenter, or a dissident. For example:

“an opponent of the economic reforms”

No matter why the FCC is considering this change, it will have profound impact on Internet Marketers. Just like Google updates can effect your SEO, this may add to the bottom line of doing business.

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