Safelist Marketing

Safelist Marketing

Does Safelist Marketing work?

Yes, Safelist Marketing does work. It is like anything else, consistent effort is a must. You need to learn the necessary skills to be successful.  Be mindful that safelists are designed to work in the Internet Marketing type niches. Please read my posts about Writing Safelist Ads and Generating Free Traffic With Safelists for more information on utilizing safelists to their fullest.

Safelist Marketing remains a vital part of my daily advertising.

In this post I will be discussing many aspects of upgrading in Safelists.

To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade…

That is the Question.

Don’t get sucked in!

When working with safelists you will be hit with several upgrade offers. Many times, the best deals are when you first sign up.  If you take every upgrade, you will soon be broke. You can make an informed decision. If you have been referred to a specific safelist, by someone you trust, you may want to grab the OTO on signup. Always remember that results vary due to many factors, so your results may be better or worse. Unless you are taking a yearly or lifetime upgrade, you can drop down to a free member at any time.

If you just saw the safelist in an ad, you should be more cautious. There will be more opportunities to upgrade at a discount, after the one time offer. The number of members can be misleading. Smaller sites with an active membership may be better than a larger one with an old, overused list.

Monitor your results first. The upgrade cost may be worth it if you are seeing consistent signups to your offers. For more information on tracking your progress, read my post.

Here are some things to consider before upgrading…

  • Will your commissions for referrals increase a
    substantial amount?
  • Are you going to market this safe list? If so are you looking most to make money, just to cover your upgrade fee, or to build a downline?
  • How much is the upgrade?
  • Do they have a yearly or lifetime option?
  • How many referrals will you need to cover the
    cost of your upgrade.
  • Is the safelist in a downline builder of a program you are already marketing?

If you are not going to market the safelist, it may still make sense to upgrade…

  •   Consider the additional number of monthly credits you get.
  •   Consider the number of bonus credits for the upgrade.
  •   Consider the increase in credits per view.
  •   Consider additional advertising benefits such as rotating banners, etc.


My Personal Top 10 Safelists…

  1. List Adventure
  2. Viral Nugget
  3. Golden Op
  4. Global
  5. Email Hog
  6. Lead Magnet
  7. Elite
  8. List Surfing
  9. Top Tier Mailer
  10. Elite Viral

[If you sign up from my links above, I will get bonuses, and/or commissions, which I will truly appreciate.] 🙂

That’s all for now,

~ Karen ~

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