4 Expert Writing Tips for Internet Marketers

Should You Do Some of the Writing or Outsource Everything?


Here are your 4 Expert Writing Tips for Internet Marketers


Writing Tip #1:

Determine Your Comfort Level

The most important thing is to determine your comfort level first. Do you go into a creative trance when you sit down to write? Or do you jump up every few minutes, finding any excuse to do something else? Does sitting alone in a dark closet seem a pleasant comparison to writing? You get the idea. Go with your gut on this one! Even with a very small budget, you CAN outsource some things. Writing is utilized in every form of advertising so spend some time on this step!

Writing Tip #2

Make A List Of The Types Of Writing You Will Need

When outsourcing or writing yourself you will need to know what type of letters, ads, etc. you will need. The best way for someone new to know this is to mimic someone that touches all the bases like Stefan Berg in his Lead Magnet advertising site. His site is free to join and the upgrade is reasonable. Their support is awesome. Among other things, he gives you 7 pre-written emails with 2 subject lines each. These emails work best when mailing to your list. However, you can grab bits and pieces of them to create your safelist ads. Downline Builder Direct Safelist is also a great source for marketing and writing ideas. They are free to join as well. Their upgrade gives you even more resources. If you want to upgrade here, take the OTO, you will save big time.

Writing Tip #3


I could give you a list of places to go for cheap writers like everyone else but… Instead I will teach you how to get the most out of your money.

For Blogging and Articles

Go to Ezine Articles . Now browse articles on the topics you are interested in advertising. Find some writers who’s style matches your personality, and that has a good skill level. This will not only show you the quality of their work, before you spend a dime on them, but it will also ensure the writing looks naturally like you wrote it.

Not every writer there is in the market to write for other people, but many of them will jump at the chance. These people will be particularly good to use for blog posts, guest blogging [both on your blog in their name, and on other blogs, and on your blog, in your name], blog and forum commenting, and article writing.

For Emails, Safelist Ads, etc.

If you are strictly selling affiliate products. You can just use the splash pages and email letters provided for you. If the product comes with good advertising tools you are set. However, the email letters they supply are most likely meant to send to your list, which you may or may not have. You may use them in the safelists and wonder why you are not having success. For more information on writing to safelist customers click on link to see my article on this subject.

When outsourcing this type of writing/copy-writing give the writer as much info as you can. This will get you the results you want and help cut down on the price. Send them the link to the products sales page, sample emails, and as many splash/squeeze pages as you have. Give them the link to my article on Writing Safelist Ads. Once you gather all this information you may decide to give this a try yourself, after all you already have professional copy-writing samples for ideas!

Communicating With Your Writers

Communicating the details to your writer, is a skill all it’s own. Once you find someone you like keep them happy! Remember that providing the necessary information is your responsibility. They are responsible for asking for clarification when needed and keeping you updated on progress. Make sure you know if the price includes modifications, and if so how many.


Fiverr is a site that has many people listed, whom provide varied services for $5 per job. Do your reserch! Pick from the top rated people. If they have a website check it out to see samples of their work. Send an inquiry before you purchase. It may be only $5 but if you use it a lot it adds up quickly. Pay attention to how fast they get back to you and if they answer your questions. This is an indicator of things to come so if there is a problem at this level, find someone else.


While Fiverr costs only $5, you may find you want some of the ad-ons that are offered. Elance is another popular site for outsourcing. While you can pay more, you should be able to get most jobs done for about $20. Of course bigger jobs [like sales pages] may cost more.

Writing Tip #4

Determine Your Writing Budget

As you can see there are many different types of writing needed for Internet Marketing. These will need to be done by you, or someone else. Few writers are great at all types of writing, so you will likely need to outsource something even if you are a seasoned writer. If you outsourced all of it, you would use different people for the different types of writing. Solopreneurs, with a minimal budget, often try to do it all themselves with absolutely no knowledge of writing. It can be done, but it is not easy and often it is not the best move financially. You need to value your time also, not just your available money. Don’t be…

“Penny wise and dollar foolish.” ~ Unknown

If you are able to, you may want to take out a small loan to get started. Make sure you can handle the monthly payments even if you do not make any profits in the beginning. Having some extra funds can speed up your progress and get you into profit mode quicker. If you cannot afford to borrow DON’T!

Now that you have read and done Tips 1-3 you can set your budget. Remember to take into consideration everything you have learned here and everything you already knew.

Good Luck With Your Writing Efforts!

~ Karen ~

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