Burn Your Bridges

Burn Your Bridges
A massive fire destroyed the Feng Yu Covered Bridge in Chongqing, China. It was first built in 1591, and was the longest covered bridge in Asia.

Don’t burn your bridges


You have, no doubt, heard the phrase “Don’t burn your bridges”. This phrase is meant to keep you on track, protect yourself, cover your butt, or to secure your position, but in fact it holds you back. Many people live by this, or similar sayings. I myself, was one to always have a Plan B. Just in case things didn’t work out, I had an alternate plan as my safety net.

Do you know any successful entrepreneurs that play it safe?


Burn Your Bridges


Now take a moment, and imagine you are free to do whatever you want…

Imagine that whatever your idea is, it will happen just like you want it to…

Would you need a Plan B?


Think of all the extra time you would have, to focus on your dream, if you didn’t also have to come up with a fall back plan. All your time, energy and imagination could be directed to your goal, your dream, your purpose in life.

Self Sabotage

Have you ever gone out of your way to leave your current job “on good terms”? This mentality is a compromise, and a hindrance to your success.

If you enjoyed your job, the people you worked with, and simply outgrew your job, there would be no hard feelings and therefore no need to mend things. You would have no intentions of ever going back to the job because there is nothing to go back for.

If you did not enjoy your job, to come up with a plan to ensure you would be able to return is ludicrous. You are setting yourself up for disaster. Failure would be imminent. How can you move forward if you are holding yourself back?

Empower Yourself

“Burn the Ships” is a famous phrase used in 1519 by Hernando Cortez when he landed on the shores of Yucatan in Mexico. This historic conquest proves how effective it is to remove all of your crutches. With only 500 soldiers and 100 sailors Cortez led a successful campaign to overthrow the Aztecs, who’s powerful empire ruled for over six centuries, and seize their treasures.


To burn your bridges, makes it impossible to go back to where you were before, ensuring progress.


So set out for change. Change is progress no matter what happens. If your new job/adventure doesn’t work out the way you planned, you will learn and new opportunities will present themselves.

Don’t be afraid to break out of your box and live!

Burn your bridges, burn your ships and don’t look back!


  1. Tame Bear

    Thanks Karen, this is very inspirational. Starting this year I took a piece of paper and wrote down what I want my net profit to be at the end of this year. Then I broke it down to net profit per quarter, per month, per week, and per day. I have that piece of paper where I make sure I look at it every day. I am now always looking FORWARD and anticipating that eventual outcome by the end of the day, week, month, quarter, and year. And so long as I am looking forward, it doesn’t matter what’s going on behind me.

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