Golden Op Safelist Review

Karen Karo’s Golden Op Safelist Review


Golden Op Safelist has several levels to choose from. No matter which level you are in (including the free level) you get quality traffic to your site/offers. Of course, as with any safelist, you are able to send to more members as you go up in levels. This is because you get more credits and you are allowed to send more frequently.

Here are some of their AWESOME Features!

[If you are on a tight budget, the features inĀ red will be of particular interest to you.]

  • Contact Solo Ads
  • Contact Cash Solo Ads
  • Surfing Ads
  • High Priority Solo Ads
  • High Priority Cash Solo Ads
  • Credit Mailer
  • Banner and Button Ads
  • PTC Ads
  • Text Links
  • Full Page Sponsored Ads
  • Referral Builder
  • Personal Downline Builder
  • Earn Free Ads Every Time You Click “X” Amount Of Ads
  • Earn Discounts By Clicking Ads
  • Personal Splash Page Builder
  • Earn DOUBLE-CREDITS During Happy Hour!
  • GreatĀ  Solo Mailing Packages


This is a full featured Safelist with an attentive Admin and an active membership. In order to earn credits readers must remain on your site for several seconds and then match a number. This prevents bots from gathering credits. Your site is seen by human eyes.

My click through rate varies with the ad and product I am marketing, but at Golden Op my CTR is consistently high. If you can afford it I would recommend upgrading in this safelist from the start, so you can benefit from the new member OTO. If you see a lifetime option grab it if you plan to be in internet marketing for the long haul. Usually I recommend joining for free and then upgrading if you have good results. I have been a free member and a member at 2 different upgrade levels and I am always pleased with the results.

If you need to join as a free member, concentrate on the features in red to get the most out of your efforts.

Draw Backs

The only draw backs are the amount of credits you get when you click for credits. This, however, has a silver lining. The less credits earned, the more people click and the more they will see your ads.

Golden Op Safelist Review

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