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Karen Karo - Internet Marketer and Mentor

Karen Karo Internet Marketer and Mentor

Karen Karo is my name and I am a single mom with 4 children. Three of my four children are in College, and one is in Middle School. They are what led me to work from home. I knew my time with them at home full time was not going to last much longer. My son also became chronically ill and needed my care.

My Nursing Days

Karen Karo RN – as a Registered Nurse I worked all day to care for others and frequently had to put my family on hold. Eventually I got frustrated with this and it all came to a head when my son  was hospitalized for 5 days. I stayed with him in the hospital and worked off a computer the nurses let me keep in his room. My reward was to have my FMLA (Family Medical Leave) denied and was then fired for taking off more time than I had accrued. They then fought my unemployment claim, which I subsequently won.

Family Time

I never looked back and now enjoy my time with my children. We finally found out what is wrong with my son and have come up with a treatment plan that keeps him feeling good at least half the time. 🙂 UPDATE He is well enough to go back to regular school and he had his Bar Mitzvah!

A New Career

I have started my online business and look forward to the time when I can have enough of a residual income to not worry at all about money. Financial Freedom In the mean time I am enjoying my freedom and the ability to be able to dash over to school at a moments notice should my son have a bad day.

My Journey

I am originally from the Big Apple NY where I started out as a Ballerina. Then I went to Agriculture School to become a Veterinarian. I decided I liked the nursing aspect of the profession better so I got my license as an Animal Health Technician. Soon after I moved to Bethlehem PA I got married, went to Nursing School, and became a Registered Nurse.

If I could have looked forward to the future when I was a teenager, I never would have guessed my life would be like this. That said, please let me add that I wouldn’t trade it for anything else. I have learned so much from my experiences. One tries to plan ahead for the future. Especially for the health, welfare and education of your children. Unfortunately life does not come with a blue print. You never know what life will throw at you and when.

I am a firm believer that everyone has their hardships to overcome and that everyone has their blessings as well. At times in our lives it may seem uneven, but if you stay positive and keep working towards your goal, you can get there and beyond. I am thankful for my children. They keep me alive and happy. As I write, I know how many hardships I have to overcome. However, what keeps me going, and puts a smile on my face is how many hardships I have already overcome. I am grateful to all the people who have helped Karen Karo and children during our time of need.

My Mission

There have been many resources I have used to get where I am today and many more I will use as I go forward. I am grateful for the help I have gotten so far and want to pass on what I have found most useful so that you can speed up your progress to reaching your goals. Any resources I recommend, I have personally used unless otherwise stated. Some of the links do give me a commission and I would like to thank you for that. Much of the content I will be providing will be absolutely FREE. You will gain a lot of useful information from my ongoing blog.

Please check back often to Karen Karo’s Internet Marketing Blog, for I will be adding to it as I go forward. Right now there are only a few links, since I have just started. There are many more I have used and will include as I have the time to enter them. I hope they help you achieve your dreams! Keep focused, work hard, believe in yourself even when others may not, and never, never give up!!!

~ Karen Karo ~

Internet Marketer and Mentor


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